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5 Things Most Agents Don’t Tell You About Walt Disney World

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Eat, Sleep, Play Disney

It is common to believe all travel agents are created equal, but this is not true.  I am certain there are some travelers out there who are shaking their head in confirmation right now.  A true Disney travel agent is a special breed and has knowledge based on so many trips they have stopped counting, to the most magical place on earth.  They spend late nights scanning any newsworthy post with the words Walt Disney World in it. We have all heard the same tips for Walt Disney World travel but what about those tips that makes your clients trip seamless.  Here I offer a small glimpse into the mind of a Disney obsessed travel agent!

Here are 5 items that many agents leave out

  1. What are your children’s heights? Why ask this, doesn’t Walt Disney World  allow everyone on Dumbo?  Yes, this is true,  but may not be true for the brand new attractions that your child is dying to ride.  You should be provided with a height requirement list for all attractions and as an agent I always ask and make note if there is a younger child in the group (so I know their height).  Remember, you are booking those very popular attraction Fast Passes prior to arrival.  Booking attractions that you find out your little mouseketeer can not ride could be heartbreak hotel or meltdown city.  Neither is appealing to a parent trying to have a magical day ! Check them out here !https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/
  2. Cinderella’s Royal Table, Be Our Guest, Le Cellier, Akershus Princess Dining… these are a few of the most popular names in dining at Walt Disney World.  As agents we know these reservations can be the difference between a client that brags about you to every friend and one that you will never hear from again.  So, how do we make the magic happen.  The tougher the reservation the later in the trip it should be booked.  Is it possible to be so lucky to book Be Our Guest for a party of 5 at 6pm, of course.  Increase your odds by trying to book that reservation promptly when dining opens on your MY Disney Experience App for one of the final days of your trip.  Dining is a continuously rolling reservation system so the further out you go the less people have tried to book those dates already.  Food for thought.

    Fireworks over Walt DisneyWorld.

    Fireworks over Walt DisneyWorld.

  3. Always look up!  I know when you are staking out Canada in the World Showcase at Epcot for that coveted perfect spot to watch Illuminations look up.  There are quite a few places where branches can shield a portion of your view of some of the evenings pyrotechnics for evening shows at Walt Disney World.  So, look towards to infinity and beyond.
  4. Put those Magic Bands on when you touch down at Orlando Interantional Airport.  If you are letting the mouse whisk you away via the Magical Express to WDW you will want to be wearing those Magic Bands.  They will scan one from each travel party (think per room reservation) to board your magic carpet (really a Disney bus but lets try to stay in theme).
  5. Your refillable drink cups are not active in the parks.  I can’t tell you how many mornings I see those excited families headed off to one of the magical Disney parks with their refillable drink cups in hand when I board the bus or monorail.  I know some just bring their morning coffee but at least half the time their agent never clearly stated that you can NOT refill your cups without a cost in the parks (unless you do so from the water fountain).  Instead of dragging your cup around all day leave it at the resort, clean, awaiting your return for an afternoon or evening soda.

So, there it is a tiny peek into the mind of a well-minded Disney obsessed travel agent.  Follow our blog for more great information about the Disney parks or call us at 440-853-8749 and let our obsession work for you, or contact us today to get started on your Journey.

Yours in Disney,